Our Story

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!” – Ram Dass

We chose the name BHANTI because in Pali, the language the Buddha spoke, it means spiritual friend. A "spiritual friend" is a concept we don’t have in English. To us, being a spiritual friend means understanding that we are all more similar than different and that compassion for others and ourselves is the key to our wellbeing.  It is our hope that when you wear BHANTI you channel your inner nomad, embrace the eclectic, and connect with your global community.
For many of us, after a transformational experience like traveling and encountering different cultures, the afterglow slowly fades as we adjust back to our everyday lives. Wearing BHANTI is a totem to reconnect with your inner truth that never goes away. Because once you’re on the path, even when you think you’ve come off, you’re still on it.